Guest Series #1: DJ Moose

This week we're stepping aside to let one of our writers take over the decks! We plan on shaking it up and giving space once a month to aspiring DJs and music super fans. Please welcome guest DJ Moose as she shares her favorite goth, post-punk, and minimal wave tracks.

Check out the rest of mixes on Mixcloud here!

Track List:

0:00 ISOTROPÍA - But, Are You the King?
5:07 Утро - Незнакомая Сила
6:54 Molchat Doma - Tancevat 
10:32 Plasticstatic - I Can’t Escape Myself (The Sound cover)
15:23 Veil of Light - Sleepless nights
18:37 Ash Code - Nite Rite
22:30 Firma-Odnodnevka - Love Crime
25:46 The Golden Age of Nothing - Sleepwalkers
29:41 Poesie Noire - Icicle
35:00 Kingpig - Without a Sound 
38:44 The Bolshoi - Sob Story