Obscura Undead: Katharsis #5 - Anksiyete (Darkwave, Post-punk, revival)

Obscura Undead: Katharsis 5 - Anksiyete (Darkwave, Post-punk, revival)

This Darkwave, Post-punk mix contains tracks by Scary Black, HAPAX, Creux Lies, The Purge, Kiss of the Whip and More. Tons of new music mixed in with recent faves. Keep your eyes on these artists and support them by purchasing their music.

00:00 Angels of Liberty - Son of the Serpent
04:44 SCARY BLACK - Icarus
09:00 Minuit Machine - Famous or Dead
12:34 Hapax - Elegy
16:48 Selofan - Sto Skotadi
19:52 Creux Lies - Silhouette
24:49 The Purge - Damaged if I Don’t Broken If I Do
28:20 Kiss of the Whip - Levitation
32:09 Linea Aspera - Attica
35:38 Closed mouth - The Shadow is Cast
39:50 La Scaltra - The Spell
44:39 Leathers - Phantom Heart
48:26 She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete
52:24 Drab Majesty - Oxytocin
56:10 death rate a politcs - Za Toboyu

Obscura Undead: Katharsis #4: Hypatia (Darkwave, Post-punk revival)

Obscura Undead: Katharsis 4: Hypatia (Darkwave, Post-punk revival)

This mix contains tracks from Black Sun Dreamer, Brandy Kills, Drab Majesty, Elz and the Cult, House of Harm, Minuit Machine, Ritualz, Morrow, Body of Light, PORN, Vacio Negro, Undertheskin, Manneguin, Molchat Doma, DILK, Hoffen, Push Button Press and more.

00:00 Black Sun Dreamer - Intervention
03:42 Brandy Kills - Hallow Ship
07:47 Drab Majesty - Dolls in the Dark
12:14 Elz and the Cult - Faith in Me (S Y Z Y G Y X remix)
16:17 House of Harm - Cuts You Inside
19:10 Minuit Machine - DRGS
23:30 Ritualz - To Black
26:55 Morrow - Wallow in Pain
31:05 Body of Light - Time to Kill
34:56 PORN - Evil six Evil (Hante. remix)
39:05 undertheskin - ////// NOTHERE
46:12 Mannequin - Lines
48:59 Molchat Doma - Toska
52:01 DILK - No Reasons Why
55:41 Hoffen - Afraid
59:45 Push Button Press - Hypatia

Obscura Undead: KALT #3 (Coldwave, EBM, Minimal Wave)

Obscura Undead: KALT 3 (Coldwave, EBM, Minimal Wave). We’re back again with another KALT mix of some fresh picks and some that are about a few months old. This more energetic but cold mix contains genres such as Darkwave, Coldwave, EBM, Minimal Wave etc.

This mix contains tracks from Physical Wash, Boy Harsher, Dancing Plague, Panther modern, Xarah Dion, Automelodi, Goo Monday, S Y Z Y G Y X and more.