Guest Series #1: DJ Moose

This week we're stepping aside to let one of our writers take over the decks! We plan on shaking it up and giving space once a month to aspiring DJs and music super fans. Please welcome guest DJ Moose as she shares her favorite goth, post-punk, and minimal wave tracks.

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Track List:

0:00 ISOTROPÍA - But, Are You the King?
5:07 Утро - Незнакомая Сила
6:54 Molchat Doma - Tancevat 
10:32 Plasticstatic - I Can’t Escape Myself (The Sound cover)
15:23 Veil of Light - Sleepless nights
18:37 Ash Code - Nite Rite
22:30 Firma-Odnodnevka - Love Crime
25:46 The Golden Age of Nothing - Sleepwalkers
29:41 Poesie Noire - Icicle
35:00 Kingpig - Without a Sound 
38:44 The Bolshoi - Sob Story

Obscura Undead: Katharsis #1 (goth rock, post-punk, darkwave)

This is a mix for Obscura Undead: Katharsis Featuring post-punk, darkwave, goth rock - This Darkwave gothic mix contains tracks from Diesein, Ghostland, She Past Away, Delphine Coma, Creux Lies, Hoffen, Twin Tribes and more. This is an introductory mix of the influential bands to watch in 2019. Most of these bands and tracks have been around for a while and the artists have perfected their sounds through many releases. Some are newcomers onto the scene and causing a buzz. Be the first to know what’s hot in these genres. Other Katharsis mixes will have some newer tracks and a little more goth rock :)

00:00 Twin Tribes - Still in Still
04:01 Geometric Vision - Jelly Dream (feat. Volkan Caner of She Past Away)
08:10 Ash Code - Dry Your Eyes
11:31 She Past Away - Rituel
16:18 Selofan - Give Me A Reason
20:31 Hapax - To The Other Side
25:33 ACTORS - We Don't Have to Dance
29:31 Sally Dige - Holding On
32:53 Lebanon Hanover - Du Scrollst
35:53 Kill Shelter - Bodies Ft. Buzz Kull
41:09 Drab Majesty - Too Soon to Tell
45:10 Hante. - Wild Animal
49:51 Buzz Kull - Into the Void
53:13 Ritual Veil - All Black (Remix)
55:38 Bragolin - This Grotesque Dance
58:47 Sydney Valette - Please