Review: Dancing Plague - Too Still

Let me just start off by saying that I do not write reviews. Generally the reviews I write are in my head and for myself. I am not one to read reviews generally, I love it when bands I know and love get good reviews, though. I was asked to write a review on this album that I love so dearly.

I needed this sound in my life. No vocals compare to the voice of Dancing Plague for me. The first time I heard the vocals on “Too Still” I thought to myself, “this is a bit over the top”. I kept listening. I started falling in love with the beautiful agony of it and how his vocals stand out on this particular release.

I then started thinking, “This is brilliant!”. Their previous release “Sulker”, specifically the track Dark Age and its deep melodic vocals caressing my ears, making me sway and sing along the best I can. I started falling in love with the more dramatic sound and the genius that it is. I waited anxiously for “Too Still” and it was worth the wait! This album keeps the addiction going for me. This album is a play through for me.

The track we all fell in love with (No Life) that came with our preorders, gave us just a taste of what to expect. Every aspect of this song is perfect. The bouncing and almost cheerful synths floating over the daunting rhythmic landscape that creates the perfect canvas for those beautiful vocals to paint a piece of art for our ears, I seriously cannot get enough this track. It created the longing and waiting for more.

The anticipation to the LP! I was not let down. If you listen to earlier releases leading up to the new LP, we can hear it grow and change into the sound it is today. “The Pale World” album does not have the brooding vocals filled with agony that “Too Still” has as often, but they are still there in moments. It is also a lighter sound so sometimes you would not guess it was even the same band.

In “Habitual” you start to feel the beautiful agony we have already come to love and can hear how everything flows with the deep pounding beats, a bit more dramatic and amplified than the last album. Then we have “Pure Desperation” that starts off with the track Slow Years, and we are almost fully there. This album is darker than the last two. More focused, more solid and I will say that Slow Years is one of my favorite songs by Dancing Plague. Every track on this album is great!

If you have not listened to it. This is the next step to my favorite album so far, the one I am attempting to write a review about. I just wanted to give you my observation as a fan about the albums leading up to “Too Still”. I believe all the releases leading up to this one tell an amazing story and it’s so great listening to a band evolve into something completely amazing and new. It's like watching a butterfly transform and fly away. I urge you to listen to every album leading up to “Too Still” if you haven't already. This album is my favorite. I feel as if it is a finished project. Not a final project by any means. (At least I hope not) It has evolved into something truly spectacular and unique. A sound we all needed and wanted. Thank you Dancing Plague for sharing your musical story with us.

~DJ Winters

“Too Still” was released on August 30th, 2019 on Dead Age Records (cassette, CD, digital) and Wave Records (vinyl).

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