Review: Pullo - A Dark Belief

Pullo is an Indonesian “Post-Punk” band. I would go with more “Goth Prog Rock” as this is a band that is seriously in a category all their own. Released on July 26th, 2019 by Ordo Noctorno, “Dark Belief” is Pullo’s second EP.

I’m deeply entranced with their approach to the music they play so well. It is decidedly guitar driven and very intricate and spooky. As a recovering metal head (j/k, I still love Metal). I hear a definite nod toward bands like The Gathering and Dark Tranquility. I have Metal and Rock influence in my blood and I suspect each member brings their own special backgrounds and talents to the fore.

Pullo is Rally Jachmoon - Guitar/Vox, Faiz Fadhilah also on Guitar/Vox with Ranggi Ramadhan and Gavin Siregar rounding things out on Bass and Drums respectively. The name is pulled from history as a certain Justin Pullo lead an armed force against wayward and murderous citizens of Rome. These people were violent and unneighborly which Caesar described as “traitors”. The reason for the name will be explained by the band at some later point but is befitting of this dark and dangerous band of sound marauders.

It is a 4-song E.P. on Bandcamp but all songs are very strong making it hard to pick a favorite. A bargain at only $4.00, I suggest a little monetary encouragement is in order which entails paying above that amount (I did). I can’t express how much I love this band and I hope you will lend them your ears and (hopefully) pick up this e.p. on Bandcamp. THANK YOU PULLO !!!! YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY !!! (and night).

~DJ Du Nord

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