Review: Nótt eftir nótt by Kaelan Mikla

Well, well, well, I've always said that there wasn't anyone who could rival Hante's Darkwave in today's wave but I just realized the Icelandic Post Punk/Dark/Synth/Wave act Kælan Mikla on November 9th released their newest Album Nótt eftir nótt... and you know what? the challenge is on! Kaelan Mikla shows in this album its multifaceted vision exploring different landscapes under the Darkwave branch that goes from a little Ethereal Wave, Folk, Dark Synthwave, Post Punk and some little EBM in the mix! from, Soprano vocals to droning vocals to wailing banshees... When I listen to it I feel some Lycia, I feel some Switchblade Symphony, I feel some Siouxsie, some Gitane Demone, some Dead Souls Rising well... all of what your goth heart desires, truly an all around experience that will take you places whether in your house, in the bus with your headphones or on the dancefloor.

If your question is if I recommend you getting this album? eh... My answer to that is... Why are you reading my jabbering still... GO! What are you waiting for?

~DJ Seraph