Review: The Kentucky Vampires by The Kentucky Vampires

Self described as “Kentucky deathrock from the undead”, The Kentucky Vampires are a Louisville/Lexington Kentucky based band creating some of the best and most blood sucking tracks out there. Their self titled first full album released November 17th, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

Half the tracks may sound familiar from their 2017 demo, but they have been remastered and it’s like hearing them again for the first time. The new tracks fit seamlessly into the full album and I honestly don’t think there’s a single weak track on the album. Zach Campbell hits hard with his distinct buzzing deathrock guitars, and vocalist Abbas Marler has a beautiful melancholy voice with a cadence similar to Peter Steele that cuts above the guitars and drums. But beneath my favorite tracks is a throbbing bass line a la Joy Division that makes me want to get up and dance. Overall, the band’s sound puts me in the same mood that a lot of Mexican deathrock, like The Acid Bats, does.

Definitely one of my top albums of 2018. Favorite tracks: Sleep All Day Party All Night Never Grow Old Never Die; The Spider and The Fly; Moonlight Kiss; Daughter of the Morning Star.

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