Zeitgeist Vol. 7

I've been feeling like exploring new music outside of what I usually listen to lately and didn't know where to start. I browsed around a bit on Bandcamp and Zeitgeist Vol. 7 from Cold Transmission Records caught my eye. Immediately, I was hit with some nice dance-y darkwave from Vogue Noir.

The compilation focuses on electro-beat driven darkwave or as some prefer to call it - "darkwave darkwave". Think more oontz oontz.

Not into that kind of darkwave? Don't let that deter you from giving this a try. There’s a solid mix of post-punk and minimal wave from bands like Buzz Kull and Hante. This is a solid comp, which I very much enjoyed and will return to to explore more artists. My favorite tracks were Balvanera - Unarmed, Rue Oberkampf - Agitation, and Totengeläut - Deprived.

I’m looking forward to more installments in the Zeitgeist collection. Seven bats out of ten!

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