Review: Nocturnal by SHAD SHADOWS

Today I'm reviewing the album Nocturnal by Italian dark electronic duo Shad Shadows.

Released on November 8th, 2018, Nocturnal is described as a concept album about urban myths, a dystopian society drowned into vertigo dreams.

The album starts of with Gravit Soul, beckoning you in with a nice dark synth riff. It's a nice dancy track with a good atmosphere. This continues on into the next song Empire (Fall Out).

Nocturnal gives off a pretty retro vibe to me. Luca's vocals are nice, almost haunting. So it's easy to lose yourself in this song!

Line has a nice mix of different sounds without being overpowering, and here we get to hear Alessandra's vocals too.

Battle Of Stones has a cool, dark atmosphere. I'd love to hear this at a club!

Inside starts off very calm, but then blasts you in the face with a fast synth riff and beat, plus Alessandra's haunting vocals. A really cool experimental song.

Bunny Girl has a lot of stuff going on in it in terms of sounds, which can get a little much. But not a bad song at all.

Under Valium is a really cool song - it immediately grabs you and makes you want to dance with it's strong beat! It fits really well with the vocals.

Fever is great; the vocals, the beat and the synth.

Material is a good ending to the album, with its more melancholy gothic sound.

Overall the album is slow but danceable, with a great atmosphere and diverse synth. The vocals are great (maybe it would be nice with more of Alessandra's vocals), and it's pretty well-rounded. I'd love to dance to this at a club, so I'll recommend this to the DJs at my local goth club night!

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