Obscura Undead Presents Guest DJ Corvid (Deathrock)

It's that time again to give the decks over to one of our amazing Obscura Undead crew! Welcome DJ Corvid, deathrock connoisseur and artiste extraordinaire! You can find him doing spooky stuff over on his instagram (https://www.instagram.com/chrisrisanoart). And while you're doing that, please enjoy his sonic selections, just for you.

00:10 Shadow Image - Before the dawn

03:42 Malefixio -Todos Somos Uno

07:17 Virgin in Veil- Kiss/Kill

10:07 Readership Hostile - Shadows of pure delight

13:21 Cinema Strange - Greensward Grey

17:49 Dead Born Babies - La Hora Marcada

21:55 Scarlet's Remains Official - Wholesale Murder

24:40 Decadent Circus - Labirynths

27:53 Altar De Fey - Veil of Death

32:15 All Gone Dead - Within but not before

36:30 Radio Scarlet - Dancing For Shadows

40:36 Deep Cavity - Mary’s Tears