Review: The sultry synths of S Y Z Y G Y X New Album "Fading Bodies"

“Fading Bodies” is the 3rd full length album by S Y Z Y G Y X, released on Negative Gain Productions. S Y Z Y G Y X (spelled with spaces between the letters) is the project of Luna Blanc and Josh Clark (FKA Impulse from Corrupt Souls and Sinthetix). The album comes out today (Oct 11) on

 There is a lot going on here while keeping things still relatively simple. Each song skates through slight variations in genres and style without making itself muddy or over complicated. I can easily hear many varying influences new and old. 

 The songs where Josh takes vocal responsibilities remind me of some very dark old school Industrial/EBM the likes of  I, Parasite or Placebo Effect. Then Luna lends her voice and things sound newer again. I can hear the care that went into creating each track with little purposeful flaws and one off sounds that do not repeat again keeping each song fresh. Josh’s DnB roots play heavily in most of the drum patterns while the varying vocals and synths keep it from being a boring slog like DnB can sometimes fall into. 


 “Fading Bodies” is about the life and death of the human body and everything in between. Birth (Intro) is about the birth of the human body, through the Universe; Fury (Outro) is about the death of the human body. I find myself on a journey through each song wondering what hidden detail or sound I might encounter along the way.  And as suddenly as they appear, the sounds are gone, never to be heard again. This kind of detail I often find missing in electronic music where most bands would want to lean towards dance friendly repetition. And it is done while still keeping the songs cohesive. 

 There are tracks that seem to have a double meaning, like the lyrics of Dangerous Creature: “Tie me to your body, tie me to your soul. Make me yours.” This almost could be the way a baby clings to its mother, but from the voice of a slave in a sensual relationship. It's equal parts innocent and adorable as it is intimidating. That is a gift this band has above others; S Y Z Y G Y X’s music offers a dark yet carefree balance. 

 The track Fragile, Handle with Care reminds of sexual innocence, and is driving and engaging in its melody. The aforementioned Fury (Outro) is standout diabolic coldwave with synthwave flare and haunting vocals. Hold tight alternates between high vocal screams like Missing Persons would do or low whispers, which pulls the listener in uneasy schizophrenic directions. And then there are tracks like Immerse in Doom and Lost in Paradise, both of which display a more experimental side by incorporating early industrial elements. This duo really has a wide palate of electronic sounds under their belt and it shows.


 I can also hear the collaboration the duo shares throughout, switching duties between not only vocals but literally every aspect of the song writing and performing process.  I can imagine them jumping around between each other’s instruments in the studio. And while this may sound like it would come off as chaotic it is anything but. Each song flows almost seamlessly into the next, so the album slowly morphs through its paces until at the end you’ve forgotten what the intro sounded like. There are parts of the band’s music that sometimes sound like other bands in the coldwave revival scene: Signature stabbing synths, almost synthwave synth basslines and 80s detached vocals, yet these elements still sound bright and engaging. The music progresses, which is an important thing for coldwave as this type of music tends to be stuck in repetitive loops.

 You can easily listen to it in the background, but “Fading Bodies” really shines when attention is paid to it. If you give it your whole attention you will be rewarded heavily. Nothing here is boring. Nothing here is lazy. Nothing here is Common.  

The sound design and production is thick, purposeful, and warm. While the material retains a cold nature the warm inviting production makes this album incredibly exciting.  Listen loud and give it your full attention... you will not be disappointed.

S Y Z Y G Y X will have a mini US tour in fall and will be on European tour with Palais Ideal and Elz and the Cult in 2020! (Posters below)

Maus (Orlando) is our Obscura Undead counterpart in Orlando and also spins at various club nights in the underground scene. Catch him at select nights at Stonewall along with Obscura Undead.

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