Philly Goth Rocker Lord Travvis Unveils Debut Single "Death Rock"

We have a kind of unspoken rule at Obscura Undead that we don’t review or talk about singles so much because there’s often way too little to go on. But I’m breaking own my rule because this track is too good not to! Hit play and find out why with me.

“Death Rock” is the debut single of Philly based one man project Lord Travvis. “It's sound and visuals are the product of an unhealthy diet of B-grade horror and sci-fi films, forgotten budget bin records, excessive amounts of caffeine, obsession and solitude”. Lord Travvis describes the track as:

“a sort of homage to my younger years, spent battling boredom and depression by driving around aimlessly late at night listening to music, digging through record crates and cd racks at record stores and thrift shops hoping to discover new gems, and the general feeling of aimlessness and lack of ambition or hope for the future, and yet finding comfort and solace in music and art”.

I feel this so hard, and not just because I also grew up doing pretty much the same thing in another rust belt city. There’s also something incredibly compelling in the way Lord Travvis uses guitars. Bordering on surf rock, he manages to synthesize elements I love from bands like The Misfits and The Cramps and combine them with a beautiful baritone and unpretentious spare as fuck lyrics into a driving jam.

This single is just the forerunner of an EP to be released in a few weeks on November 8th. Lord Travvis cites influences from The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Iggy, and I can’t wait to hear how all this comes out.

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When the moon is bright
And your hair's just right
We go out looking for some death tonight
Death tonight

Death Rock...
[in America]
[Death Rock n' Roll]

In the lost and found
You can hear the sound
We're gonna burn this fucking city down
City down

All you punks with your leather jacket spikes
Tie your boots and take a hike
All you kids with your Zeppelin shirts
Be afraid, this is gonna hurt


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