Goth and Darkwave Set - Mix by DJ Seraph

DJ Seraph sent us a sneak peek of his guest set for the upcoming Ceremony Boston on 2/25! We love seeing DJs in our scene spinning new music <3

So dim the lights, hit the hazer, and enjoy!


  1. Kirlian Camera - Heldenplatz (Operation Walhalla VIII)

  2. Athamay - Kiss the Whip

  3. Kas Product - Tina Town

  4. Boy Harsher - Tears

  5. Polyverso - Quiescence

  6. Hapax - When The Marble Falls

  7. The Frozen Autumn - Loving The Alien (Feat David Bowie)

  8. The Mission U.K. - Severina (Feat. Julianne Reagan)

  9. Ritual Howls - Park Around The Corner

  10. Luminance - The Perfect Blend

  11. Lebanon Hanover - Totally Tot

  12. Kaelan Mikla - Naeturblóm

  13. Hante. - Waiting for a Hurricane

  14. Ghostland - Sway

  15. Love Under Will - Danse Satanas

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