Band Highlight: Diavol Strâin

Deathrock might have been invented in the U.S., or some may see it as the West coast American response to Goth. But it's clear that after the 2000’s deathrock revival you need to look to South America and Europe for the best deathrock acts.

And it's in Chile where the recent rise of Goth/Wave has birthed one of the best Deathrock bands of this decade. Diavol Strâin has been taking the scene by storm lately with their unique and visceral hybrid of deathrock and darkwave.

The band definitely shows the influence in European Deathrock, specially that Spanish and Italian variant which tend to sound like an exorcism is being performed along with a harrowing guitar and synth combination setting up that dark, ethereal mood that causes chills, tension and desperation throughout their repertoire.

I recommend from them this mini Album Demonio Which is an amazing work of art (specially the track Puerta al Crematorio) but without underestimating at all their most recent album released in 2018 "Todo El Caos Que Habita Aqui."