Review: Coming Of Age by House Of Harm

The Boston Post-Punk duo released a single from their latest release a couple of weeks ago, and it left me thirsty for more. The full E.P., Coming of Age, was release Friday, and I’m so sad that it’s only four songs! I guess I’ll just have to play them on repeat.

Past Life is the single we got earlier, and it instantly reminds me of bands like Chameleons, The Cure, and Killing Joke. However, vocalist Michael Rocheford and guitarist and synth player Cooper Leardi lend their own unique modern twist to the sound. The synth laid on top in this track is especially nice too, without being too much. Just a beautiful song.

Always is a song that just instantly makes you happy. It’s perfect to sing along to with its melodic vocals. Same goes for Coming Of Age. It has a great atmosphere! The closing track, Valentine, is the most energetic song on the E.P., and gives me more of a New Wave vibe.

This (too short!) E.P. really takes you back to the 80’s; Michael and Cooper really managed to capture that nostalgic sound. I really like it, and will continue to replay it until they release more stuff! Be sure to watch these guys, they might be small now, but I’m sure they’ll make it big in the near future! They definitely deserve more attention.

You can listen to Coming of Age on Spotify, buy the cassette on Spider Child Records, or buy the CD on Altarpiece Records (also available to buy digitally at both links) on Bandcamp.
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