2019 Releases by Month

Most recent update: 4/22/19

As part of our excitement to keep up to date on new goth, post-punk revival, darkwave, minimal wave, etc. music from upcoming and obscure acts, we will do our best to keep a running list and review as much as we can! If you see anything we’ve missed or know of anything upcoming, feel free to comment on this post, message us on Facebook, or send us an email at obscuraundead@gmail.com :)

Updates Saturdays, or more frequently as we have time. All links go to where you can purchase the album, unless otherwise specified.

1/28/19 Milliken Chamber - Absence (darkwave/synthwave)

1/30/19 re:vision³ // VOLUME 001 - Rule of Three
”re:vision³ // VOLUME 001 is the first in a series of releases that focus on contemporary cover versions of classic postpunk, art rock, darkwave and underground tracks.“

1/31/19 The Secret French Postcards - Awake EP (darkwave)


2/1/19 It’s For Us - Stay (post-punk)

2/1/19 BOY HARSHER - Careful

2/2/19 Dawn of Elysium - Raven (goth rock)

2/2/19 The Home of the Hitman - Descending Gods (goth rock)

2/2/19 The Home of the HItman - Destination (goth rock)

2/2/19 PAST - Sama (goth rock)

2/6/19 HAPAX - Shining Lover (single) (darkwave)

2/8/19 Missing - The Miserablist (goth rock)

2/9/19 Unidentified Man / Chroma Carbon - Memento Mori (coldwave, minimal wave)

2/5/19 Totem - Figment (darkwave)

2/9/19 Darkswoon - Bind - Icy Cold Records (shoegaze)

2/14/19 The Purge - Hurt (single) (darkwave)

2/14/19 ACTORS - Mining for Heart (The Sound cover) (single) (coldwave)

2/14/19 QUI VIVRA VERRA - The Nothing (LP) (post-punk, new wave)

2/14/19 Vorsicht Vorsicht - Vorsicht Vorsicht (LP) (post-punk, newwave)

2/15/19 Trevor Something - Bots Don’t Cry (new wave, synthpop)

2/15/19 LEATHERS - Phantom Heart (single) (synthwave)

2/15/19 Sydney Valette - How Many Lives LP5 (darkwave)
(Review by Brittany Willliams)

2/15/19 FTR - Manners (post-punk / noise)

2/15/19 Qual -Cyber Care EP4

2/15/19 Cold Cave - Promised Land (single) (goth)

2/16/19 Stairwell H - Sacred Body (coldwave, dream pop [Reviewed by Chandler])

2/16/19 THE LOST TAPES - inconvenience (post-punk, deathrock)

2/18/19 ISOTROPÍA - Spasms EP (post-punk, goth)

2/19/19 Lotus Feed - Songs From The Silent Age - Icy Cold Records
(Review by DJ Seraph)

2/19/19 Pelnia - Forget the Memories (single) (goth)

2/20/19 FATAMORGANA - Terra Alta (coldwave, synth)

2/22/19 Joanna Makabresku - Piąta Prostytucja - Bat-Cave Productions (goth rock)

2/22/19 Collection d’Arnell-Andrea - Another Winter (link to band’s FB page)

2/22/19 Fragrance. - Now That I’m Real (darkwave, synthwave)

2/22/19 La Dance Macabre 5 - At Sea Compilations

2/22/19 Blogie Milczenie - W Sercu Miasta EP (darkwave, goth)

2/22/19 PINDROPS - REFLECTIONS (post-punk, shoegaze)

2/23/19 Last Dusk - As The Young Die (goth)

2/25/19 Altar De Fey - The Insatiable Desire … For More (goth)

2/26/19 Post Tropic - Split With Mannequin (post-punk)

2/28/19 The Golden Age of Nothing - Ten Thousand Hours (goth)

2/28/19 Ötzi - Part Time Punks Sessions (goth rock[Review in progress by Chandler])


3/1/19 The Secret French Postcards - Contradictions (goth, post-punk)

3/1/19 The Heavens - Dream Reaper (darkwave / goth rock)

3/1/19 Brotherhood - In The Violet Hour (goth rock)

3/3/19 Automelodi - Mirages au futur verre-brisé (synthwave)

3/4/19 Novostj DsorDNE 1983-1988 (minimal wave)
”This is a restored, remixed and remastered reissue of the original masters of the tape Novostj/DsorDNE 1983-1988,” remastered and rereleased on ACC Records.

3/4/19 Crying Vessel - Illusions EP (darkwave)

3/8/19 Mr. Kitty - Ephemeral (Synthwave)
(Review by DJ MAUS)

3/8/19 ROSI - Grey City Life - Cold Transmission Edition (post-punk)
”This re-release of their debut album features some remarkable remixes and previously unreleased tracks.”

3/9/19 Love Under Will - Strange Litanies (goth rock / new wave)

3/9/19 Silent Age - Display (post-punk, new romantic)

3/11/19 Bring Her - Bring Her

3/15/19 Dancing Plague - Sulker (darkwave, EBM)

3/15/19 Undertheskin - N E G A T I V E (post-punk, minimal wave)

3/15/19 Children on Stun - Echoes (indie, post-punk)

3/15/19 Decadesthetique - Ourselves (darkwave, lo-fi)

3/15/19 VR SEX - HORSEPLAY EP (post-punk, synthpunk)
(Review by Azy)

3/15/19 Goo Munday - 9 Lives (darkwave, electronic[reviewed by Chandler)

3/15/19 Murderbait - Murderbait (post-punk)

3/15/19 Desolation Years - Desolation Years EP (coldwave, post-punk)

3/15/19 closed mouth - [O N E ] Remastered (goth rock, post-punk)

3/17/19 Lust Era - Ausencia EP (post-punk)

3/17/19 noone - DVPLEX (minimal wave, post-punk)

3/19/19 Basnia - No Falling Stars And No Wishes (post-punk, dreampop)

3/22/19 Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor (goth/post-punk)


4/1/19 Projekt - Spring 2019 Sampler (FREE!) (darkwave, etherealwave)

4/1/19 NONE - Heat (minimal wave, darkwave)

4/2/19 Cruz de Navajas - Prioridad (single) (goth)

4/2/19 PAAR - HONE EP (goth, darkwave)

4/2/19 BLOOD BLUSH - Doubts EP (post-punk)

4/5/19 Ploho - Pyl

4/5/19 Esoterik - Hugur (single) (darkwave, synth)

4/5/19 Cold Transmission - Zeitgeist Vol. 8 (compilation)

4/5/19 Jakuzi - Hata Payı

4/5/19 The Foreign Resort - Outnumbered

4/10/19 Palais Ideal - The Programme (single)

4/10/19 Replicant - A Taste of Midnight (post-punk, synthwave)

4/10/19 Cold Transmission - Zeitgeist Vol. 9 (compilation)

4/12/19 1919 - Futurecide (post-punk/goth rock)

4/19/19 Sólveig Matthildur - Constantly In Love (post-punk, electronic)
(Review by DJ Seraph)

4/19/19 L’Avenir - Les Oubliés (coldwave, darkwave)

4/20/19 Tragedy - GUILT EP (darkwave)

4/20/19 Glasszone - Pictures of the Past EP (post-punk, shoegaze)

4/21/19 The Rope - Lillian (goth)

4/23/19 barrenland - an idiom for livid (goth)

4/26/19 The Bluebeard’s Castle - Beyond the Door (goth)

4/26/19 Virgin In Veil - Permanent Funeral (deathrock)

4/28/19 Paralysed Age - Intermezzo (goth)

4/30/19 Angels of Liberty - Innana (goth)
This release is a “best of” collection. Proceeds go to support Voe Saint-Clare’s widow and children.
NOTE!! This release has been cancelled on 4/25/19 per the wishes of Scarlet Powers.

4/30/19 UBIKANDE - Artefact (post-punk, coldwave, shoegaze)


5/1/19 Nice Cold Nation - Life (coldwave)

5/1/19 A Cloud of Ravens - Under the Tow (EP) (darkwave, goth)

5/3/19 The Rope - Collection (goth, darkwave)
This release is a Swiss Dark Nights remaster of previous releases by The Rope.

5/3/19 Second Still - Violet Phase (goth, post-punk)

5/3/19 Automelodi - Mirages au futur verre-brisé (synthpop, coldwave)

5/10/19 Curse Mackey - Instant Exorcism (industrial, synthwave)

5/10/19 The Wide Eye - Mouth (single) (darkwave)

5/10/19 Veil of Light - Inflict

5/10/19 VR SEX - Human Traffic Jam (post-punk, synthpunk)

5/13/19 Je t’aime - Je t’aime (post-punk, synthwave)

5/13/19 Minuit Machine - Infrarogue (darkwave)

5/15/19 Rosetta Stone - Seems Like Forever
This album is a rerelease of tracks from Porl King’s project Miserylab.

5/16/19 Los Dezterrados (deathrock)

5/17/19 Second Still - Violet Phase (post-punk)

5/24/19 Cold Showers - Motionless (post-punk, goth)


6/1/19 Sonsombre - The Veils of Ending (goth)

6/6/19 Tragedy Vampires - Relics (goth, rock)

6/7/19 Golden Apes - Kasbek (goth)

6/11/19 A Promised End - False Figure (deathrock)

6/11/19 A Cloud of Ravens - Sacred Hearts (EP) (darkwave, goth)

6/16/19 Glaring - Tyche (coldwave, darkwave)

6/20/19 Such Beautiful Flowers - Neon Gloom (darkwave, synthpop)

6/21/19 Проспект Шмидта - Возле входа в огонёк (post-punk)

6/21/19 DILK - DILK EP (post-punk, darkwave)

6/25/19 Crystal Soda Cream - Things Don’t Talk (post-punk, goth)

6/25/19 Paradise Cove - In My Mind (single) (post-punk)

6/27/19 Mvgre - Neovampirismo (single) (darkwave)

6/28/19 Power Literacy - And From The Ashes (post-punk, synthpop)

6/28/19 Painted Mirror - Slow Tide (post-punk, shoegaze)

6/28/19 Linea Aspera - Preservation Bias (synthwave)
Note: This album is a comp of early EPs and singles

6/28/19 Elz and the Cult - Faith in Me (Remixes) (darkwave, synthpop)

6/28/19 GHUM - The Coldest Fire (EP) (post-punk, grunge)

6/28/19 Claustraphobia - Cast Aside (post-punk, goth)

6/28/19 Mannequin - Nocere (synthwave, post-punk)

6/29/19 Angels of Liberty - Servant of the Grail (goth)

6/28/19 Shanghai Beach - Did You Get Everything You Wanted? (single) (synthpop, darkwave)

6/30/19 Shadow Assembly - Ghostcrawl (goth)

6/30/19 Hapax - Monade (post-punk, goth)

June Compilations:

6/21/19 Dark Nouveau - Metropolis Records


7/1/19 Grey Gallows - Nothing will remain (single) (goth, darkwave)

7/7/19 VACIO NEGRO - Rose Garden Funeral (deathrock, darkwave)

7/12/19 Drab Majesty - Modern Mirror (post-punk, shoegaze)

7/16/19 Medusa Stare - Medusa Stare (deathrock)

7/26/19 Death Loves Veronica - Three Acts (synthwave, darkwave)

7/27/19 Echoberyl - Apparition (post-punk, darkwave)


8/30/19 Dancing Plague - Too Still (darkwave, EBM)


10/??/19 The Cure

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