Fem Vox - Black

For Women’s History Month (and International Women’s Day) we are kicking off our Fem Vox series, where we highlight and appreciate female artists, female fronted bands or tracks with guest female vocals. -DJ MAUS 

Obscura Undead - Fem Vox - Black
(Darkwave - Post punk revival - Gothic)


1. Totengelaut - Deprived
2. Selofan - Fouchsia Chameleon
3. Kaelan Mikla - Skuggadans
4. Hante. - Wild Animal
5. La Scaltra - Visions of Glass
6. Black Nail Cabaret - Bete Noire
7. Belgrado - Panopticon
8. Garden of Delight - Blessed Minutes
9. Double Echo - La Danza
10. Artificial Monuments - Incremental Vex
11. Sally Dige - Holding On
12. Lebanon Hanover - Gravity Sucks
13. Second Still - Altar
14. Mephisto Waltz - Mephisto Waltz
15. Faith and the Muse - Elyria

Obscura Undead: Kalt #1 (coldwave/minimal synth/EBM)

Obscura Undead: KALT (coldwave/minimal synth EBM). This mix for KALT contains genres such as cold wave, minimal wave, minimal synth/EBM. This is just the tip of the iceberg and a teaser of what’s to come.. further mixes will take us farther down the rabbit hole. Music in this genre is typically very simple, one main beat, one synth line with cold detached vocals. This mix contains tracks by QUAL, Low Factor, Totengelaut, Anne Clark, Oppenheimer Analysis, Villes Nouvelles, ADULT. And more.

 Make sure to support ADULT. And Sextile in concert on March 8th at the Crowbar in Tampa.

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00:00 Sextile - Disco
03:19 QUAL - How Many Graves?
07:32 Low Factor - Waste Island
11:04 Black Nail Cabaret - Sister Sister
14:25 Totengelaut - Deprived
18:07 Schwefelgelb - Im Wasser
22:45 Dancing Plague - An Endless Want
27:00 Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis
31:29 Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil’s Dancers
34:49 Dave Inox feat. Vogue.Noir - If you Try
41:00 Villes Nouvelles - Leaders
47:29 Soma Holiday - Shake Your Molecules
51:35 ADULT. - This Behavior
56:01 Kontravoid - Hold Nothing (Schwefelgelb remix)