Caroline’s Top 10 Wave Gotik Treffen Picks

WGT is coming upon us! This will be my seventh(!) time, but I’m still excited as always! A bunch of people I haven’t met in person yet are coming, including a bunch of my co-writers here on Obscura Undead! And as always there are A TON of bands I want to see. The schedule came out early this year, so I’ve already decided which bands I’m going to see. Here are 10 bands that were on my list that might not be super well known (and are not industrial, metal, folk, etc.) - but sadly I won’t be able to see all of them.

Light Asylum is a synthpop / darkwave / post-punk duo from Brooklyn, NY, USA. I discovered them when they were announced for WGT, and they’ve also been played at my local goth night, and I’ve been so addicted to them in the past couple of months. They’re fantastic! Shannon’s voice is AMAZING, and their songs are so great to dance to. So far they have one album, one EP and one single. You should definitely check them out!

Bragolin is a post-punk / darkwave band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I also discovered them when they were announced for WGT, and my love for them has been growing since then! They just have one album, but it’s really good, dancy and fun. I really recommend them!

Sally Dige is a solo artist from Denmark, but lives in Berlin. I first heard her at my local goth night (the DJs who run it are danish too), and then listened to her more when she was announced for WGT. I wasn’t sure about her at first, but she has really grown on me, and now I love her! She has two albums, and don’t miss her single which has two songs that aren’t on the albums!

Creux Lies is a melodic post-punk band from Sacramento, California, USA. I probably discovered them sometime last year, since their first album was released in august. Their music is very beautiful and chill!

London After Midnight needs no introduction, as they’re one of the biggest goth bands from the 90’s, but I’m including them in my list anyway, cause they’re one of my must-see bands this year! I am heading to Agra specifically to see them on sunday night.

Tempers consists of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper from Seattle, USA. They have a nice mix of cool dancy songs, and slower songs. I’ve mainly listened to their album Services, but they also have some other cool releases, so I think they’d be cool to see! They will be playing at Stadtbad on friday, so I will definitely be there.

Geometric Vision is a post-punk / darkwave band from Naples, Italy. They formed in 2012, and already have three studio albums under their belt! But I don’t think they got a lot of recognition until their newest album Fire! Fire! Fire! (2018), especially with the song Jelly Dream, featuring Volkan Caner from She Past Away. Cause I don’t think I heard them before that! They’re not the highest up on my list, but I will still see them, since things worked out that way.

Pleasure Symbols is a duo from Brisbane, Australia. When I discovered them they only had a 4-song EP out, but on may 24th they released their first LP Closer And Closer Apart. Their music is pretty chill, so it’ll be a calm start to WGT as this is the first band I’m seeing at the festival!

In2TheSound is original The Sound drummer Mike Dudley along with members of the band The Convent (lead by Carlo van Putten, who worked with The Sounds’ late frontman Adrian Borland). The Sound were great, so I think this would be a cool show to see! Last year I saw Chameleons Vox, and that was my favorite show of WGT that year. So here’s what we can expect, and I think it seems promising!

Hante. is the solo project of parisienne Hélène de Thoury, also known from Minuit Machine, but you probably already knew that. I discovered her just before I left for Subkult festivalen in Trollhättan, Sweden last year, and really liked her songs. Her show was good too! But I didn’t get very familiar with her until later, so that’s why she’s still on this list. She also came out with her new album FIERCE in january, so she’ll be sure to play some songs off that, so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her again! She is also playing Stadtbad on the friday, so I will see her there!

So those were just a fourth of my original list of bands that I wanted to see! My plan includes 16 bands, which is honestly still pretty good. Go to my personal blog to see my schedule and how I narrowed it down!

If you are new to WGT, check out my huge WGT guide, and remember to check out Azy’s WGT band post here on the site, and after the festival we’ll be back with TONS to show you! :D