Review: La Scaltra - The Third Eye

In this PostPunk/Darkwave revival, there are few bands that keep it traditional, without compromising the darkest-creativity.

This time, I will try to scrutinize La Scaltra's latest album “The Third Eye” launched through Berlin based Label, Solar Lodge. This album had been just released on July, the 14th. Now, after 25 days, I feel I had enough time to enjoy, internalize and rejoice through Jay, Aeleth, Saeda and Dae's magic.

“Cabaret” (2016) will take you through the wonder, the curiosity, inviting you to go deep into the mystery. “Freakshow” (2017) could lead you through your deep sorrow, pain and even betrayal. The Third Eye (2019) it's the mystic 'enough' to the sorrow got in “Freakshow”, and to use the lesson learned on “Cabaret”.

It starts with 'The Incarnation of Karma' (1:54):

From scratch the intro let you know that synths will be well used. A simple arpeggio is used and some backward lady whispers something I can barely understand... At 1:05 the tambourine implies that this album was meant to dance when all of a sudden at 1:25 there's a weird tells you that you should be aware... Are you in?

The Spell (4:51)

If you do not want to be hypnotized, don't listen. Nah, just messing! This song is in D#7 minor scale and is the typical witch marmalade. But be aware if your body can't help it, you could end up surrendering to this beat.

So Fine (4:30)

Straightto the beat. 'Attraction goes higher... deeper... flying high'. That sensation when you're in the right moment, on the ride side, with your people, ready to be upfront. No fear.

Toxicated (5:44)

The mind. The intoxicated mind, not with chemicals... but with that person. No matter what that human-creature do, your mind is intoxicated and only the 'Spectre Realm' knows what you are capable off in that intoxicated state. The best part comes at 3:14.

la scaltra 1.jpg

The Sentinel's Lot (3:54)

The Gloomy Witch call. Would you dare to follow?

Love In One Hearse (4:43)

La Scaltra tries to point out the Memento Mori statement through 'love'. There's a delicate good, whimsical overdrive sound throughout the song.

Good Sinner (3:43)

Oh the double standard of life. Seeking for being good enough, but aren't we imperfect-sinners overall? Please, give me a good reason to fall into sin, for I am a good one.

Rhythm Of Our Dead Hearts (5:30) with Susanna Marski on the Violin (Spotify Version)

Synths!!!!!! Midi!!! Dance!! Such a melancholy and nostalgia. Good enough to finish a dance floor session among friends and enjoy it as if it was the last one!

Church Of B. (5:29)

This is one of the most full-in-sound, in my perception. Keeping in mind the Minimal concept that La Scaltra use to bring, even if the synth has been used to open multiple channels to do the Organ and Classic Piano, the 'post-punk' bass and guitar

Burning (4:19)

Introduced by a high pitch piano, playing in staccato... almost surprised by the use of some hidden Major intervals. In a summary, the song speaks about betrayal. I think the bittersweet sound represents the irony that there's no betrayal if it's not from 'the one' we trust, the most... and also how karma works.

Undead (3:09)

Kinda slow-catchy rhythmic pattern. Catchy and obscure as hell without losing the minimal synth concept.

Imago Diaboli (7:42)

A doom finish for a gloomy-bloody-witchy lap dance... lol

Leave your comments below! What do you think of this album? Any feedback to the musicians?

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