So, What About Industrial?

Goth and Wave are on the rise, so what about Industrial...? Yeah, what about industrial? Well I’m not the expert in Industrial in this group (I prefer the whole Darkwave thing myself and even my industrial has to have a good dark synth for me to appreciate better), but I do keep my nose around the bush as my scene in Boston is predominantly an Industrial scene so as a DJ is smart to have some in the repertoire even if you like to drown in synths.

So long gone are the days of Aggrotech/Harsh EBM or even your Futurepop and Dark Electro wrongly coined as Electro-Goth that dominated the 2000s. But don't think Industrial has given up... no no no...

The genre has entered a phase called Post-Industrial, which is basically a transformation... an evolution you can say where artists are taking what they know and are experimenting with it to try to take it further and under these we have tons of artists, with being Statiqbloom one of my favorites, drawing inspiration from Skinny Puppy but different enough to be its own thing.

But I want to talk a bit of one of my favorite variation of Post Industrial styles... and its actually the new hybridization of Techno/Industrial which seems to be taking force in the dark alternative scenes and when I say techno its actually the old school techno beats not EDM stuff. Actually the hybrid of Techno and EBM/Industrial is not new this is stuff bands in the 80s like an early Front 242 and many European artists were already experimenting but like goth/wave this is also making a comeback in a modern way.

Just take a listen to bands or projects like Schwefelgelb, CONFORMCO, HARDLAB, OHOTA, Gessafelstein and the one I will feature here Dave Inox (among my favorites) to have an Idea of the many changes Industrial and EBM are going under throughout this 2010s decade that is about to close. The track by Dave Inox is literally one of my Go-to tracks in Goth/Industrial Nights and I recommend anyone who likes EBM/Industrial to check out his album The Computer and The Brain from where this track is taken from its a marvelous example of the Techno/Industrial mix going around.