Review: Body of Light - Time to Kill

When Azy and Maus posted the first music video (and title song) off of Body of Light’s new release “Time to Kill”, I fell in love with the sound, look, and aesthetic of this band. Decidedly retro and *very* 80s sounding, it is in my opinion a modern match for any synth pop darlings of that era.

“Time to Kill” is the third album of Arizona based dark synthpop duo and brothers Andrew and Alexander Jarson. This nine track album released on July 26th by Dais Records is not to be missed.

Title track Time to Kill is easily the best cut on the album. I also immediately liked the second pre-release single Don’t Pretend. I flogged the hell out of them both on my headphones and car stereo, but unfortunately feel I couldn’t spin them at any event I usually DJ for as it would be much too “bright” sounding and kill my Goth vibe and flow. It’s perfect for listening and would definitely fit in an Eighties Night somewhere (EVERYWHERE).

The music itself is very well executed and written and the mastering is top-notch as well. The singer reminds me of Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys and the intonation and pronunciation of his vocals are classic brit-pop sounding . WhileTime to Kill may be the most hard-hitting track, I especially appreciated Fever Freak, Violent Days and Dangerous as well. All in all, there are no dogs on this album and all the tracks are standouts. Particularly worthy of mention is the outro track Under the Dome with it’s beautiful and serene music and plaintive vocal.

A little sad, perhaps, but I like sad music.

Listen for yourself on your favorite streaming service and if you like it enough, make this a permanent member of your collection. Brava boys. Well done.

Body of Light is currently touring the US with Dais label mate Drab Majesty. Find them on Facebook here, and check out their discography on Bandcamp here.

~DJ Du Nord

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