Review: NU:N I will show you fear in a handful of dust

From the beginning of the first note through epic songs of death, sorrow, isolation, and remembrance, to the final note of a church bell fading into the night; NU:N takes us on a journey. A journey of raw emotion and epic themes. “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” is a masterfully written album giving us a feast for the ears and showing us the best of what Gothic rock has to offer.

Pictured from left to right: Pedro EternalSleep, Francisco Vaudeville, & Tarannis M. BGenesis.      Photo source: Facebook

Pictured from left to right: Pedro EternalSleep, Francisco Vaudeville, & Tarannis M. BGenesis.

Photo source: Facebook

Released November 1st, 2018, “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” has influences from T.S. Elliot's poem, The Waste Land a poem inked in 1922. The title of the album is a quote from part I. The Burial of the Dead and there are several references in shadows of love : in contempt, the second track from the album as well. Tomorrow we will say our goodbyes : a nocturnal fragment takes its title from Franz Kafka's unfinished novel: The Castle, in the first part and Jean Baudrillard's Cool Memories in the second part conveying isolation and the sadness of impermanence. This release is drenched in literary reference, all of it modern and timeless in the same breath.

While it is important to discuss the influences and themes of an album, we are all here first for the sonic enjoyment and “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” has a sound that matches the richness of its lyrics and influence. Below is my analysis of the tracks individually.

1. toutouic - Sung by Diva of Destruction as an acapella piece with echo as its only companion, the feeling of singing into the dark is palpable. With the sweetness of a French singing style, the traditional Breton lullaby is the perfect start, I cannot imagine a better opening number to this journey.

2. shadows of love : in contempt - The lyrics refer to the album title in this tune that begins with an electronic cello-like sound leading in to a sonic landscape similar to a chorale supported by a heavy drum beat. Keyboard used to sound like piano and echoing gothic guitars work together, each taking lead at different points with vocals that are sometimes gritty with pain giving us the feeling of pain and loss with the yearning that goes along with it.

3. midnight's inertia : the vampire's lair part II - Faster beats and more prevalent bass drive this song ever-forward making it sound like a forward-moving journey in juxtaposition with the title of the track. The drums remain fast throughout pushing and pushing the dynamic song to the end where it ends with spoken word and a crash of a symbol bringing an abrupt end.

4. tomorrow we will say our goodbyes : a nocturnal fragment - Opening with acoustic guitar and the returning of the echoing cello, the vocals join in to create a gentle contemplative sadness. When the flute is added it only escalates the feeling of loss and how fleeting life is until it fades out ending the song.

5. brave new world - With heavy bass and in vocals less emotional and more commanding the theme of isolation in the dark is apparent this song feels like spiral further downward. With its classic rock beats and heavy bass we feel some of the oppression and disassociation from Aldus Huxley's existential masterpiece. Again, an abrupt ending leaves us knowing life is unfinished and may never be what we need.

6. gotas : de la remembranza - This song was originally recorded on Oblivion in 1996 by Remembrance. The updated version uses a forward-driving piano with simple drums creating a feeling of monotony even through key changes. It is the perfect accompaniment to the gritty vocals beseeching us. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, the feeling of falling into oblivion washes over the listener. As we approach the end the song a voice repeats , "Aqui...aqui!" as if calling out, "I am here!...Over here!" begging to be seen reinforcing a feeling of despair. The final break of the song uses strings again in a faster rhythm with the vocals crying out "Your love!...Your love!" the abject misery almost tangible up to the end. That ever-present piano riff carries us to the closing of the song with the final church bell fading.

Goths love hanging out on stairs.    Photo source: Facebook

Goths love hanging out on stairs.

Photo source: Facebook

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust” is the third release by NU:N. It's epic storytelling and sonic journey take us to the very depths of sorrow and raw emotion. Currently, NU:N is comprised of 3 members, Tarannis M. BGenesis, Pedro EternalSleep, and Francisco Vaudeville. Hailing from Porto, Portugal NU:N have all the characteristics of an accomplished gothic rock band with their exquisitely unique sound setting them apart in the most glorious way.

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