Deathrock is Undead: Los Dezterrados pt.I

Los Dezterrados, Spanish for The Banished or Exiles, is the Mexico City deathrock duo Andy Dezterrado (Vocals) & Yeshua Dezterrado (Synths). The band was born as a responsive, lysergic, B horror cinema, black-humored proposal with Sinister-Punk and Deathrock. 

I did a rare interview, seeking for an insight for raw and explicit content found in Los Dezterradoz music videos. Off course, I was hesitating a little because nowadays, everyone wants to whitewash it all. But not this time! Since the first waves, Deathrock and the Goth Subscullture was meant to ‘real-wash’ social and existencial issues with an artistic-shocking grace. Los Dezterrados from Mexico City were very kind and humble to not only provide me with an explanation, but the opportunity to expose it all here, exclusively for Obscura Undead.

This is what they have to say:

We started to play music two years ago with the objective to downsize drugs… which it didn’t work! [Hahaha] We met at a bar at the ‘De La Roma Nte’ street [Of the Rome North St.] called ‘Centro de Salud’ [The Health Center]. Yeshua was being persecuted by the police at the time and right away we got along. We started as drunk-comrades assisting parties at Yeshua’s house and scene events.

The songs are composed on lyrics and sound directly by us both; inspired mostly in our life experience towards addictions, and social decadence. Making a mockery of all Taboo themes and series B cinema and movies like Der Todesking, Slasher (1960), Pet Sematary (1989, 1992) and other titles to which we strongly follow. Most of the messages of our music are the legalization of cannabis and other ‘drugs’ on a recreational way since our tired and dearest Mexico (for ex.) is death to the core with the war against ‘Narco’ which (to follow the chain) the principal profit is the drug consumed by the younger generations. The question is… why do young people consume drugs? 

Before we think of the abolitionist and moral proposal, it’s absurd to tell to ‘the youth’ to stop the use of recreational drugs because ‘it’s bad for our health’. There’s a lot of possibilities that this advice might cause more curiosity. Even more, if it relies on the appalling education system that tends to produce not free thinkers, helpers and creators but wage slaves, instead. Lately, it has become very difficult to gain the opportunity to go to University, which in consequence, makes it easier for the potential student to spend time on ‘having a little joy’ after a hard-working day… or not. This is the reality of the kid who lives in the streets mocking around to forget the hunger. This is also the reality of any person from whatever social status that doesn’t know what to do with his/her life besides of what their parents usually demands as ‘the right way to live’ like buying a house, the car of your dreams, get married, have kids and think over your social status and keep climbing. Don’t ever think of investing time and effort on music, art, and/or literature because that is just a hobby and it will not pay your bills or will provide you with a ‘quality life’.

[The last two verses]

“(We’re) Symbols of this bad life, because we are the Exiles. With no sanity or censorchip because we are the Exiles.”

Los Dezterrados concept is based on an everyday life of a junkie and all that implies. To confront our feelings towards these people and their stories. To make us see that addiction is not racist, it’s not exclusive. Interesting thing, that Los Dezterrados manage to exposed this complicated concept on a very dark-humoristic, satirical way. From the poor, to the high class junkie, these guys will open your eyes to see the other face/side of their reality.

Next post, I will expose how Los Dezterrados managed to go beyond circumstances, creating music… the music we can enjoy.

Stay tuned! J.

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