Interview: La Procesión de lo Infinito

Editor’s note: Please welcome Joselyn Hernandez to the Obscura Undead writing team! This will hopefully be the first of many articles we publish highlighting South American goth.

La Procesión de lo Infinito (The Procession of the Infinite) is a musical project from Medellín, Colombia. Born in 2009 when Nephtis Nacht (Vocals) and Ariosto N. (Guitar, Vocals) unified their philosophy and passion for Goth Rock, using the sub-genre to materialize their ideas, evoking the classical sound of the sub-genre.

With a Gothic Rock sound and a decent Spanish Lyric Poetry, this band took a place along side The Wake, Merciful Nuns, and Ikon on This Is Gothic Rock Vol. II compilation in 2014 on Gothic Music Records. Four years later in 2018 they released their debut album “La Era Oscura”.

This year LPDLI is celebrating a decade of existence supporting the goth community, being the atonal note on this post-punk revival times. This is to the Goth Rock listeners seeking for an ethereal, raw and, off course, obscure sound.


Colombia 2009: What brings you artistically together?

Our taste and need to materialize the sounds we wanted to hear and enjoy in our mother language, Spanish.

What's LPDLI phylosophy?

Our philosophy is oriented to be aware of how we interact with the social, natural environment, how we let ourselves be affected by that and all those "knowledge" is focused to materializing our essence.

Are you ear-musicians or academic ones?

Nephtis was part of a choir in Fine Arts many years ago and studied vocal technique. Ariosto is an ear musician, intuitively he program and equalize the drums; he composes the guitars and bass lines with no idea of scales or tonalities.


What's the best lesson learned thru' all LPDLI journey?

To be patient and take the enough time to translate the ideas in the closest way to the desired ones, with the few elements you have, and not accelerate the creation process and adapt to the changes.

Terror (track no. 5): Who got the idea to mix two totally different concepts? Love and terror? What did, in fact, inspired this track?

Love can be too many things, We think we all have different concepts, some idyllic, others frantic, something like when you do not want to lose something, it can be a loved one that is about to die, we try to hold on despite the tragedy, We think that the human being can be very possessive too and is related to the Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley.

Pointing out this post-punk revival, we are glad that the Goth Rock is still undead, thanks to your contribution. Can you tell us more about people's acceptance to Gothic Rock sub-genre and goth sub-culture in general in such a beautiful places like Colombia & Venezuela?

Infinite thanks for appreciating what we do. No, we still see that there is not an audience for these sounds, at least in our city Medellín. In the capital, Bogotá, we have seen more people who enjoy Gothic Rock but there still little to be able to bring bands from the outside of the genre, as in almost all Latin America countries there is not much passion for this genre in South America. In South America the projects of their own territory are rejected a lot, besides that there are few projects that dare to do gothic rock, darkwave or goth post-punk.

There is a boom of events, festivals focused on minimal wave, techno and post punk, but the public still does not assimilate gothic rock, many do not understand the sounds of gothic rock because have been a blurred sub-genre label for most, sadly in Medellín people relate gothic rock to metal and the metal audience do not like gothic rock, hahahaha.

How's Gothic Rock Records from Finland is treating you, guys?

It has been a long experience, a lot of waiting and patience from both, at the beginning the deal was to be promoted with the compilation "This is Gothic Rock" in 2013 but it only came to light in 2014 and then to release our album in 2014. Since everything was self-taught, we tried to have the best recording with a 2-channel audio interface and a mic. In 2014 the laptop where we had "La Era Oscura" was damaged and only until 2016 we were able to get a laptop in which we could record, and we had to start from scratch to remember the songs since nothing could be recovered from the laptop that was damaged in 2014. Now we use the cloud. The label trusted us and waited.

Photography by Ariosto N. Arts

Photography by Ariosto N. Arts

I noticed that the major part of your lyrics are inspired in the co-relation between social, political, and emotional human conditions. How do you organize your ideas?

We take ideas that arise in conversations that we have at midnight and we feel that we should talk about it, trying to give it a poetic touch, sometimes a landscape of how we see our city, or society, relationships, there is much to write from many perspectives. Sometimes we mix one lyric with another and so, we do not plan much.

Is there any event or project-in-course?

For now we are working to our next performance in Palmira, Valle. The festival is called "First Communion" organized by "Dark Entries Society" along bands of our country focused on post punk and darkwave like Das Kelzer, Old Providence, and Los Malkavian" We are focused on producing the new songs for the new album that will probably come out at the beginning of 2020 with the Finnish label Post Gothic.

Any random/philosophical/inspiring/weird message for our readers?

Do not let die the inspiration and passion for what you love. May your wings not weigh.

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