Del Wesh by Neon Tzigane

Neon Tzigane (zee-gan) consist of Howling Mina and Samson Deluxe, and they create what they call “gothic metallic synthpop” in the spooky woods of South London. This is their debut mini album, which consists of four tracks, and they are heavily inspired by Romany mythology, so let’s check out what this sounds like!

It starts off with When Hell Freezes Over - The main riff is pretty dancy and gothic. The song is musically good, though the vocals and lyrics could be better. Overall it has kind of an 80s vibe, and a mix of a lot of different sounds.

Neon Witch starts off with long synth notes, and then almost metal guitars. It blends together with gothic drums. I feel the same about the vocals and lyrics on this as on the last song. But I really like what they are doing instrumentally, blending so many different sounds and effects.

Return From Tomorrow - Not so much a fan of the effect on the vocals on the verses here, but the chorus sounds good. Really cool instrumentals! Again, that blend of elements from different genres, almost metal-sounding, but gothic and 80s at the same time.

It ends with Unplanned End (haha), which is definitely my favorite song on this! The drums remind me of Skinny Puppy’s Assimilate. The rest of the instruments sound nice and old school too. The lyrics and female vocals on this I like much better than the other songs, but the male ones could use some work.

You can hear they’re a pretty new band. There is definitely potential here, and I think if they polish their sound, they can be really great! So keep an eye on this band on the future! You can listen to and / or buy the album for only £2 on their Bandcamp page, and you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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