An Interview With Two Broke Goths

Two Broke Goths is a YouTube project founded in 2017 by Mystic and Poe, St. Louis, Missouri natives. Named because “we’re broke, there’s two of us, and we’re goth”. Their content ranges from reviews, vlogs, tutorials, with a healthy dash of humor.  And these kick ass women are keeping it busy, with 63 uploads to date since their founding

In the interest of full disclosure, Poe and Mystic are good friends of the author, and Mystic also is my (Chandler Crenladh) partner at Gateway Goth Events, a St. Louis local goth events and coordinating group.

Before we get to the interview, check out Two Broke Goths’ channel intro vid below! 

I: What was the inspiration to your channel?

Mystic: After 2016, we were both kind of depressed and wanted to do something fun and positive. 

Poe: I figured we’re both broke, goth, and bored, let’s start a channel!

I: Historically your channel has focused on reviews and vlogs, any new plans for the channel?

Poe: Whatever we want! She shouts jokingly before she grins, leaning back in her chair.  

Mystic: I think we’ll have to focus on whatever we have time for at the moment.  We’ve been pretty busy with weddings and moving.

I: So when you started your channel, what did you think the community lacked?

Poe: Early on we didn’t really notice anything at first, but as we started we started doing community events we noticed that there was a lack of cohesion inside that community.

Mystic: Yeah, there has been a real desire for it though!  Goths at The Zoo exploded and evolved into something none of us ever expected.  People should definitely get involved in their communities. 

I: What do you think caused the decline in communities?

Poe: I’m not really sure, jobs and the amount of work required to survive I’m sure has contributed.  I know I’m tired after my job at the end of the day.

Mystic: I think it’s what Poe said and a decline in interest in the subgenre a few years ago, I think it went underground but it is clearly re-surging.  That, and people are shy and scared of being called out as a poser since a lot of people don’t really understand the community or what it’s about.

I: You think social anxiety is a contributing factor?

Both: Absolutely!

Mystic: It’s no secret that our community has a lot of sufferers of mental illness and that makes going out and meeting people hard. 

Poe: Yeah and people kind of make it worse when they say that it’s just people being lazy.  I mean they already feel like crap because most genuinely do want friends but depression and anxiety is a friggin’ nightmare to deal with.

I: How has it been in the Youtube community?

Mystic: We wish there was more collaboration and more interaction like there used to be back in the mid-2000s.  We hope that changes with time.

I: What do you wish there was less of?

Mystic: Demonetization. She says flatly as everyone laughs. Her face turns a bit more serious. The Ad-pocalypse was pretty god-awful, but we’ve recovered with our Patreon.

I: Are you doing well on it?

She grins before responding

Mystic: We have a $10 Patron.

Poe: Thanks Mama Mystic!

Mystic: Yeah thanks Mom! Jokes aside I wish there was a little less focus on Killstar hauls and unboxing videos.  I mean that stuff is fine and there is a place for it… but it’s not really contributing anything.  Like we do it some but we started a few of our tutorial videos to help convince individuals like us they can afford to dress goth. You know? And push the DIY aspect.  That stuff just furthers the idea that dressing goth is expensive.

Poe: Yeah, and most expensive brands like Killstar are not really designed for plus sized people and just like everyone else there are plus sized people in our community.  Also you guys (referring to the interviewer) don’t really get anything designed for you either. I wish we had more content addressing that kind of thing.  Most people don’t know where to shop for goth stuff or how to goth up their own clothes. It’s something some people never even really think about until it’s brought up to them.

I: Those are some good points, and I’d love to see more of that myself. Well, I think that is all for now! Anything else you both want to say to everyone?

Poe: Stay spooky kids!

She jokingly throws up deuces.

Mystic: Just get out there and involved with your community! 💀

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