Tearful Moon

As we keep exploring the Goth/Wave revival we are going to focus our eyes to the Lone Star State of Texas where recently it has become quite the cradle for goth friendly music projects like Twin Tribes, This Cold Night, and Lions in Winter. But I want to focus on a talented duo that has gone under the radar at least in the states and that is the Darkwave duo of Sky Lesco and Manuel Lozano under the name of Tearful Moon.

Tearful Moon saw their genesis as a spoken word/dark ambient project in June 2015 and have progressively evolved into what I consider to be one of the best Darkwave bands in the United States. Combining Post Punk, Goth, Darkwave and that 80 retro synthwave elements, Tearful Moon is a very versatile band that doesn't try to do too much but what they do they execute flawlessly.

Though these types of Dark/Synth/Wave bands are fairly popular today and we have examples like Hante., Kaelan Mikla, and HORD to name a few, Tearful Moon has a characteristic that set them apart in my opinion and that is that behind the angst behind Lesco's chilling lines they have an intensity, an "in your face attitude". They don't candy coat their act nor their songs like if to say "look this is like it is, take it or leave it."

Another very interesting feature Tearful Moon has is that even if they tap into this 80s Goth/Wave revival they do have that Gothic romantic and mythological feel many of the Goth and ethereal/wave bands of the 90’s had, something that not all bands who follow this style have... and don't get me wrong is not that they feel antiquated, no it just speaks greatly of the band's versatility to reach multiple audiences within dark alternative music. They can take you slow and drown you in that ethereal angst or they can get you in that dancefloor staying true to themselves and not forcing the issue to appeal to be something they are not.

During their career they have released 2 Albums. In The Dark Morning released in 2016 is a cool and beautiful collected piece with beautiful synth melodies and even some myth and folk into their songs, you can dance to those Synthwave beats of Anxiety and Twin Flames or you can be transported into their ethereal trance to that dark hypnotizing Egyptian myth with The Stars Have Fallen and Died and Ya Viene el Caballo Blanco.

Their second album Evocation is a more versatile release and shows Tearful Moon's many faces. Evocation released in 2017 gives you all the first album did but takes it further, with stronger electronic beats, potential club classics here like The Confusion, Ecstasy In Black and Cold Burning Truth, but it also shows more of their Post Punk influence in tracks like Run Away Simon, The Perfect Devil, a truly all around experience that was enough to consider it one of the top 10 albums I've heard from the recent goth wave that we have been enjoying throughout this 2010 decade.

As an added measure as to this date Tearful Moon is working on 3rd album that will see the light of day very soon. Album that I will be looking forward to with great expectations.

I'll be very frank; Tearful Moon is honestly a very underrated band and considering the recent rise of Goth/Wave music I'm surprised (because I can't say disappointed) that, at least in the U.S., this group has been flying under the radar in such a way. So as a friendly recommendation if you are into dark alternative music I recommend you opening your hearts and ears to this amazing project you won't be disappointed. Just the fact that I'm writing an overview about them just tells you that they are not just another band in a genre that is slowly being saturated due to its popularity as of late.

Tearful Moon after a recent gig! Look familiar?

Tearful Moon after a recent gig! Look familiar?

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